Monday, October 10, 2005

Breathing room...finally!

Well, it’s finally come; A chance to stop and take a breath without missing something.

Sure, we’re still busy at work each day, but the constant something-every-night thing has come to an end for a while. And I must say I’m excited about getting to see Husband again! We haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time together during the last few weeks. It’ll be nice to actually sit down and have a conversation face-to-face instead of via cell phone while in the car. It’s the nature of things - we all have times and seasons like these, and we seem to have them several times a year. I’m just glad this one is over.

I went shopping on Saturday after I recovered some from lack of sleep from the lock-in. I was proud of myself – I finally found a shower curtain to go in the guest bathroom that we both actually like. It was on sale too. It’s the small victories in life that matter, you know. So now Husband and I will be picking out paint and I’ll hopefully be working on that project this weekend. It’s a tiny bathroom, so I should be able to knock it out pretty quickly. Next time the guys come over to play, they’ll have a new place to potty! Ha!

Doggie Update: It has been three days since the carpets were cleaned, and there has been no “unacceptable” behavior…yet. That could change, of course, when the furniture and accessories go back into place tonight. We’ll see. We’ve resorted to treating them like puppies – never letting them out of our sight, making them go outside to potty, and restricting their access to places. I wish they could understand that…the fact that they’re being treated like little puppies. You know, sort of like telling a teenager you’re treating them like a five year old because that’s how they’re acting. It has to do something to them psychologically, if only make them want to straighten their act up so they’re not being treated like a kid anymore. We’ll see, I guess, how effective this whole thing is. I will say this, though: if they pee on my carpet after having it professionally cleaned, I think I will lose my mind. I’d like to rip most of it up anyway…just can’t get Husband to go for it.

I’m hoping to post a special tribute tomorrow…someone I know is turning 50. Pin It


  1. Don't you just love it when you find something like the shower curtain that everyone enjoys and it's ON SALE!! That'll cause warm fuzzies for anyone! Good luck on your weekend project.

    Oh, and I hope your doggies are pee free for you for a while. I would croak if I had my carpet cleaned and then they peed on it. Not good.....NOT GOOD!!!!!

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