Friday, August 19, 2005

What A Deal!

Ok, so I am very proud of myself over a recent purchase. While shopping at a certain new favorite clothing store that’s way too expensive for me, I got an awesome deal on an article of clothing.

Now, please remember that I am a complete cheapskate when it comes to clothes. I never buy any article of clothing for “full price.” And quite often, I won’t even buy it on the first markdown – it has to be marked down at least twice for me to purchase most things. Of course, there are certain things I’m willing to pay more for than others, but for the most part, I buy things for half of their original price or less.

Example: the last pair of jeans I bought. I loved them. They were originally $68. I kept eyeing them on the rack and told myself I would buy some when they went on sale. Then came the clearance sale: Said jeans were placed on the clearance rack for $35. Yes, a good price, but still a little high for me. There were several pair in my size, so I was confident that the next markdown go-round there would still be some left. I was right. The next week, they were marked down to $19.99 and I bought them. I was proud of my bargain-hunting skills.

However, I recently found the mother of all bargains (or MOAB). As I said, we were in a store that’s way too expensive for us to be shopping in. Husband and I love the clothes, but have to wait until stuff is on ultra clearance to be able to justify the purchase. So, we walk in and go straight to the sale racks. This item caught my eye at first, but I thought, “Nah, I don’t need that, do I?” Then, as I kept looking around, I continually went back to it, thinking, “I could really wear that a lot.” So, with Husband’s encouragement, I tried it on, and it fit perfectly (gotta love a place that has clothes that FIT). So here comes the best part – the price tag. Originally, this item was priced at $198. Yes, almost two hundred dollars. I wouldn’t have even taken it off the rack at that price. It had about 5 sale stickers stuck to the tag, and the one on top said: $35.99. That’s right – marked down $162 off the original price. I don’t think you can get a better deal than that. So, I bought it. We even bought Husband a pair of pants and two shirts (on sale, of course) along with my item and the total didn’t even come to $162.

So, I now have a super great article of clothing that is so versatile I could probably wear year round, every day of the week – not that I actually will. And to all the other ladies that are walking around with the same thing…I paid $162 less than you. :P

Anyone need anything? I’d love to shop for you! Just give me your plastic, and I’m off!

P.S. Today, I went to a certain shoe store and bought two pairs of newly shelved fall/winter shoes for $30. Oh yes, I’m a good shopper. Pin It


  1. PLEASE! Be my personal shopper!!! I HATE [yes, the strong word] to shop, so I end up NOT getting deals b/c I don't take the time to watch items and go back several times to get them on sale. I stink at that. No patience for it. :P

    WAY TO GO on you GREAT deal! That is Awesome! :) Would your article happen to come from BR? That's one of the few stores I can think of around here with those kinds of prices.

  2. Yes, BR is my new favorite store. And buying off the sale rack makes all the difference!

    Girl, I can teach you "the method" and you will be finding awesome deals in no time! Call me when you want to go!

  3. Curly3:20 PM

    Ok, love to shop. Like you my older sister and teacher, I'm CHEAP when it comes to clothes. Unfortunately, my size is usually the first to go. So for me to get something on clearance that actually fits is nothing short of a miracle!