Friday, August 19, 2005

Blog SPAM?!?

What the heck? I post my last blog, then log back on a few hours later and see that I have four, count 'em four comments! Yay! Except that when I actually read said comments, they were all SPAM! Evil SPAM!

Now, my loyal readers, you all know that internet/email SPAM is one of my biggest pet peeves. I just can't take it. So finding four articles of SPAM attached to one of my blog posts about sent me over the edge. They weren't random people who'd just happened upon my blog and thought they'd leave a dumb comment. They were all from companies that are obviously trying to sell me something by buttering me up and saying I have a cool blog. Now, I'm not a marketing genius, but isn't it counterproductive to annoy the people you want to become your customers? Anyway, I immediately deleted all four articles of SPAM and wondered if somehow I could SPAM these stupid companies back. But wait, that's what they want me to do....It's a conspiracy. Ok, yes, I know I'm starting to sound like the guy on King of the Hill with my conspiracy theories. But what if he's right?

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  1. Oh I know!! I've been seeing it on a LOT of the blogs I read.....SO ANNOYING! luckily, mine's not been hit....yet.... :P

  2. heh, I don't care.
    at least it lets me know someone(thing?) out there has at least read my blog... :-p


  3. Curly3:22 PM

    I watched a movie last night that inspired me to leave the following comment:


  4. Anonymous10:58 AM

    now I know it..