Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Ok, so we’re making progress.

The electricity has only gone off once this week (during the day this time) and the over-protective dog is barking at the Non-English Speaking Neighbors less each day. Still no rhyme or reason for the electricity going out, but I think I’ve figured out the dog. He only barks when the Guy and Kid are outside. When Daughter and Wife or Grandma are outside, no barking, just pacing up and down the fence. But when the Guy and Kid come out, he feels he has to bark. Must be a guy thing.

Progress is also being shown in the fact that The Non-English Speaking Neighbors have only started up their mower once this week. Simply amazing. I still don’t know if they’ve actually mowed their entire yard since moving in, but hey, as long as they leave the mower turned off for more than 24-48 hours at a time, I’m pleased.

I’m really afraid that we will take about 43 steps back next week. The dogs will be kenneled and the neighbors will have no one to monitor their eccentricities. What will happen to the world? The dog will come back home and have to get used to the neighbors all over again. He should calm back down just in time to be kenneled for a week again.

Meanwhile, Husband and I are trying to choose clothes to wear for portraits this weekend. Everyone says we should be all “matchy” and I’m not really into that. We don’t typically wear the same color shirts and pants, so why should we for a picture? I know, it makes things simpler, but we just can’t do it. One reason is that we don’t have any clothes that really match like that. I guess we’ll see how things turn out when the photographer is finished working her Photoshop magic on them. Anybody can look good with the help of Photoshop, right? Pin It

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