Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nothing Interesting

Well, nothing interesting is going on this week. Well, I guess it depends on your level of interest. I'll see what I can come up with....

Husband is extremely excited about our friends moving back into town. I think the guys have been joined at the hip since the moving truck was unloaded. Although it is a little funny to see them acting like little kids again, I'm glad for them. They enjoy each other's company and have a great time together. They help each other relieve stress - which they both need. And I enjoy hanging out with his wife too, so that's always a plus.

The new Non-English Speaking Neighbors had their realtor call and fuss at us about moving our fence. Yes, they fussed about us moving OUR fence back to OUR correct property line. Apparently when we called to tell the listing agent what we were doing, he either didn't completely understand, or he didn't make the buyers understand. Simple concept, really. The fence that belonged to US was 5 feet or so in front of our property line. So, we decided to have it moved to the correct place, thus making our yard appear bigger and theirs appear smaller. I say "appear" because in reality what they were looking at back there was our property to begin wtih. This would all be so much easier if they spoke English!

Since we had the fence moved, we have lots of yardwork to do. The newly-included 400 square feet or so is in bad shape. The previous neighbors used it (yes, our property) for a compost pile/shrub/weed pile and general dirt-dumping area. Nice, huh? I'm sure they thought it was. Probably upped the property value by tens of dollars. So, we are spending the evenings getting rid of weeds, rocks, and sundry other items we're finding back there. The great thing is that Argus, our ever-protecting dog, thinks that he should tromp through the newly loostened dirt/mud each time he goes outside. Not because he needs to go over there or because it's in his path, but just because it's there. Criket is too much of a lady to get her feet muddy. So I have these nice little reddish brown doggie footprints on the kitchen tile, the living room carpet, and yes, even on my bed, since that's always his first destination when his feet are dirty. Oh, I'll clean it up, but not until we're done out there. I'm not stupid - clean it up once and be done with it, not 18 times between now and when we're done.

Three of my sisters are competing in the Queen contest for their riding club, so I'll be going to that on Saturday. If they win their divisions, they will represent their riding club at all of the local parades and rodeos this summer and fall. Didn't think a Nerd Princess would come from a rodeo family, did you? Well, everybody else in the family pretty much qualifies as a "Roper" except for one of my little brothers, who is being mentored in the Geek ways by Husband. Don't get me wrong - I love to ride. I just never got into it to the level they do.

Oh, and if you guys didn't already know, one of my little sisters is getting married this summer. Yes, Curly is getting hitched. The only catch is that she's doing it in Hawaii without us. Oh well. We're having a party for them when they get back, so I still get cake and punch. She's getting married to Deputy Guy (who works for the country sherriff's department), who also qualifies as a "Roper" and thus fits right in with the family. we have a minister and a law enforcement official in the family...might need to warn some of the extended relatives to stay in their own jurisdiction.

Well, that's about it, I guess. Just plodding along this week - doing yard work and cringing at muddy doggie footprints. Interesting, right? Pin It


  1. I think you have a lot going on, and I found it to be both interesting AND entertaining!!! :)