Friday, June 03, 2005

Interesting Side Note...

Last night, as Husband and I were out working in the yard yet again, one of our neighbors on the side of us (we'll call them Orange Truck people b/c they park their giant orange truck in the street every day), popped his head over the fence. "Hey, I think we got your mail" he says, waving an envelope at me. So, I walk over for a quick chat...and to get my mail. Come to find out, it was my credit card statement...FROM LAST MONTH that I thought was "lost in the mail" or that someone had swiped to steal my identity (forever the conspiracy theorist). I even called the credit card company because my payment was in danger of being late since I had not received my statement. Of course, they freaked out too and started posting fraud alerts and all of that jazz.

Anyway, Orange Truck Guy said they had never brought it over because we were "never home." Uhh, apparently Orange Truck Guy is not very observant, because we are home ALL THE TIME. We just actually park in our garage, unlike half the people in our neighborhood. And even if I'm not there, my mailbox is. Isn't that where mail belongs in the first place? Interesting concept, I know.

One that the mailman seems to have trouble with. I have never lived in a place where I got more of my neighbor's mail than my own. We are constantly getting Razorback Fan's mail(other neighbor), so that always makes me wonder just how much of my mail Orange Truck Guy and Girl are getting. That is IF the mailman decides to deliver the mail. For like a week he didn't deliver our mail. When I called to ask what was up, I was told the "mailbox was blocked." "Blocked? There's nothing in front of our mailbox," I respond to the less than bright lady on the other end. After consulting with our mail carrier, who just happened to be standing right there (NOT delivering mail, as usual), she came back with, "he says there's a car in the way." My first thought was "the one down the street?" and then I realized that about 10 feet from my mailbox, there was a car parked on the curb. I told the less than bright lady, "It's clearly not in the way of the mailbox, because I drive up to my mailbox every day to check the mail and never get out of my car." I heard her tell the mail carrier and then mumble something back before she responded, "well, he can't get his truck up to your mailbox because that car is in the way, so if you want mail, you'll have to have that car moved."

Maybe that's because our mail carrier doesn't drive one of those nifty little white mail trucks like Newman on Seinfeld. NOOOO, that's not cool enough for him. He drives his very own maroon Dodge Ram quad cab. That's a big honkin' truck. But if I can get my SUV up to the mailbox to check the mail, he sure as heck can get his stupid Dodge up there to put the mail in.

Oh well. As long as Orange Truck Guy keeps his truck away from my mailbox, the mail carrier will deliver my mail; and as long as we get our credit card statements on time, all will be well. Pin It

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