Friday, April 25, 2014

Honor Turns 3!

We recently celebrated a certain little girl’s third birthday. It was so much fun!

This celebration was long in the making. I knew Honor would love having a princess theme, so I began collecting things months ago. And I knew we wanted to give her dress-up stuff for her birthday, so I started gathering those things right after Christmas. It was so worth it!

Honor’s birthday was on a Friday. She woke up to birthday decorations on her door, and in the kitchen.


We had a homeschool egg hunt that afternoon that we didn’t want to miss. Since that would knock out naps, I knew we needed to do our birthday celebration on Saturday. So, Saturday morning, we picked up balloons. Someone was excited about her birthday outfit and princess balloons.


When I’d asked what kind of cake she wanted, Honor’s only response was, “A purple cake!” So, a purple cake she would have.


I dressed it up with a crown, and she thought it was awesome!



She was even more excited when she found out it was purple on the inside, too. And pink ice cream? We were drowning in the pastels, and it was pretty awesome.


Finally, it was time for presents. Instead of party hats, I’d gotten a “dress up” hat for Caedmon and Honor. She insisted on wearing hers while she opened presents.


She was so excited about her dress up accessories!


Cini and Papa Duke sent princess “action figures” (I still have a hard time calling them dolls).


She loved Mimi and Papa’s princess card (photobomb by Oz, of course).


And right away, she insisted on putting on the Sofia dress and accessories Nana and Poppy sent. So much fun!


She kept waving her scepter around and saying, “Magic wand, do your thing!” I’m not really sure what that “thing” is, but she waved it at us all. I’m pretty sure it didn’t work.


Caedmon enjoyed his fedora during the party.


The rest of the afternoon was spent trying on all her new dress-up clothes and accessories (multiple wardrobe changes!), and playing with her princesses.


Caedmon was busy, too. He got his very own rolling desk chair.


And learned to ride without training wheels.


It was busy, but we had a super fun day celebrating our sweet three year old!


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  1. Happy Birthday Honor!!! Sounds like you had a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Honor! And major props on that cake - looks amazing!