Friday, March 07, 2014

Construction Zone

Part of the craziness going on at our house the past several weeks has been because of our house. We’ve hit our one-year mark with our builder (which means we’ve been in our house a year! Yay!), and that means it’s time for warranty repairs on several minor things.

Well, it’s all minor until it disrupts your life.

We had our original home inspector come back out and do another inspection. I am so thankful we did. He found several things (especially on the exterior) that we might not have seen, and gave me some confidence in some other things that I had already seen and wondered if they should be addressed.

So, our builder sent their warranty guy out, and we got rolling on the list. For the past month, we’ve had contractors in and out. One day, I had four contractors here at the same time. Another day, three different flooring crews were here, followed by the plumber. It’s been a little crazy. Not to mention the two who have had to come back to fix what they broke while trying to do their repairs in the first place.

We’re still waiting on a couple of things, but here’s an idea of what’s been going on at our house the past few weeks.




Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful all of these things are covered under warranty, and that our builder has (at least, so far) fixed everything we’ve turned in for service. It’s just kind of a pain. And it solidifies the feeling that I never want to renovate a house while I live in it. These repairs have been plenty.

I have worked on a few projects and have been waiting to hang them until all the work was done. Hopefully I can get them up and show them to you soon. After, that is, I do some deep cleaning. One thing about having repairs done is that it makes a big mess!

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  1. Wow, you have a lot going on. Our builder had to replace some of our windows and siding due to an error in wiring for a security system when the house was build. What a pain!

    1. Oh, that does sound like a pain! We were hoping to be done this week, but it's not happening. :( I'm starting to get whiny. I'm ready to be done!