Monday, July 29, 2013

Countdown to Disney: Swiss Family Robinson

As part of our “Countdown to Disney” for our upcoming trip, we’re watching a Disney movie each week and doing something fun related to the movie. I’m already working on one epic post to list them all after we finish, but some of them are just so much fun, I have to share them now!

Recently, we watched Swiss Family Robinson. I love. this. movie. This is another one we watched like crazy when I was a kid. I had dreams of an awesome tree house like theirs. We even managed a pulley system with a 5-gallon bucket so we could lift stuff (and siblings) up into a tree. I might’ve, at one point, put Curly in the bucket, hauled it up, and left her. For just a little while. (She was fine.)

I knew Caedmon would love this movie. Adventure. Animals. Pirates. The sweetest tree house in the history of ever. Coconut bombs. Need I say more?

So, I wanted our activity to be “Coconut bombs”, aka water balloons.

Our 10+ years in student ministry came in very handy. I’ve tied many water balloons in my day. And with these babies, it was much easier.


Seriously. If you need to tie a bunch of water balloons, invest the $3. You won’t regret it.

Caedmon helped me fill the balloons. He would reload the spout while I was tying the balloon. We did about 50 for our family fight.


While I was bringing things in from outside, Honor managed to do this….


Yeah, she busted a balloon in the kitchen. When I asked her what happened, her answer was, “I no idea.” Right.

When it came time for the water balloon fight, Honor just wanted to carry hers around for a bit.


We had a blast with those balloons.


And once they were spent, we moved on to water guns. Honor was serious about hers.


(Yes, she’s wearing Tinkerbell pajamas. It was just that kind of day.)

I couldn’t get very close to the guys.


By the end of the fun, we were all soaked. Soaked. It was a lot of fun.

Just like I’d hoped, Caedmon loved the movie. We watched it four times that week. And when I told him we could actually go in the tree house at DisneyWorld? He was super excited. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Sounds fun! I hope you enjoy your trip! :)

  2. What a fun treat!!! Way to go!

  3. He is going to FLIP when he sees that treehouse in person! what a fun idea!