Monday, March 11, 2013

Farewell to Basketball Season

This past weekend, we said farewell to our Upward basketball season. Our coach opted for a pizza party in place of our last practice. We all thought it was a good choice!


The players, families, and coaches enjoyed spending time together and eating some good pizza. Caedmon sat by his friends and teammates, but once when I went over to check on him, he excitedly told me, “Mom! I ate three pieces of pizza!” That’s my boy!


Meanwhile, Honor did some serious damage to some cheesy breadsticks and Husband and I enjoyed our carnivorous pizza.

The coaches surprised the kids and Coach Ryan presented each player with a trophy and backpack.


To say Caedmon was excited about the trophy would be a huge understatement. He talked all season about the possibility of a trophy, with no promise of one. So to see his eyes light up and hear him exclaim, “Mom! I got a trophy!” was sweet.

The morning of our last game, we gathered for team photos.

Tallant’s Mom was the “official” photographer for the team, but I managed a decent shot.


They had a pre-game meeting, as always.


Warming up before the game.


Meeting with the opposing team before the game.


The tip-off…Caedmon’s ready!


We won the game – by the skin of our teeth. (They don’t officially keep score. But of course, the coaches and parents do!)

I think Honor’s ready to be done with this basketball business. She’s not a fan of being locked in the stroller and not being able to get out there and play with the big kids!


Getting ready for snacks after the last game.


Coach Ryan was going to pick up cupcakes for the kids, but I needed to break in my new Kitchen Aid mixer, so I offered to make some instead.



They were a hit. I don’t think Caedmon was the only one who ate two.

We had a fun basketball season, and are thankful for the coaches who took time out of their schedules, lost a bit of their sanity, and invested financially in these kids.

And now…we can sleep in on Saturdays for a little while. Maybe.

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  1. Great job on the cupcakes! And yay for sleeping in on Saturdays :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, sleeping late is a love language. I'm sure of it.