Wednesday, October 17, 2012

House Update

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re super excited about the house we’re contracting. Caedmon doesn’t quite understand the process. Yet. By the time we’re finished, I’m sure my little detail guy will know all the ins and outs of building a house.

He wasn’t quite sure why I wanted him to stand by this sign for a picture, but he was a good kid and humored his crazy Momma.


For now, there isn’t much to look at. They have scraped the lot, poured gravel in the driveway area, and put up “gates”. Look at that beautiful, flat lot. We’ve never had a flat yard and/or driveway. We’re looking forward to the kids actually being able to ride their bikes/whatever in the driveway. And play in the yard without rolling down a hill.


When we pulled up and I told Caedmon that this is where our house is going. He said, “That doesn’t look like a house, Mom. It’s just a empty space. Why aren’t the ‘working men’ here now? Why aren’t they building our house?” He’s not the most patient.

And after being in the townhouse for less than two weeks, it’s probably horrible that I am already really looking forward to being in our house. Husband was trying to use Seinfeld time reasoning on me the other day. (As I’ve previously stated, nearly everything in life relates to an episode of Seinfeld or Friends.)

(In Season 3, Episode 3, Elaine hurts her back sleeping on the pull-out couch at Jerry’s parents’ house. They also won’t turn the air conditioner on. In Florida. So while Elaine is in misery, Jerry explains that it’s today, which is almost over. Then there’s tomorrow, and they leave the following day. So really, there’s only one day. One day! But it’s really half a day. And if you subtract showers and meals, it’s like 20 minutes!)

Husband said, “It’s already mid-October. Then we just have November and Thanksgiving, December and Christmas, and January, then we move in February, so really it’s just, like, a month.”

Yeah. I don’t think I’m buying it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful we’re all here together. We’re really fine. But there’s something about going back to “apartment” living after you’ve lived in a house for a long time. It’s just…different.

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  1. Everything in our house is related to Friends or The Office :)

    1. Haha! The only thing that relates to The Office in our house very much is if we injure ourselves and need someone to "rub some butter on it." (Bacon episode - my very favorite!)

  2. We picked our lot because it was flat, too! It is fantastic!! My in-laws live on a huge hill and I know at some point I am going to wreck backing down their driveway. It is great!

    Congratulations on the house-to-be!