Thursday, July 05, 2012

Watermelon, Munitions, and Sparklers

I hope everyone had a good Independence Day. I am glad we celebrate America’s independence. It helps us remember that not everyone has the benefit of a Declaration of Independence or Constitution their country was founded upon and still upholds (or tries to) today.

(And we get a sweet movie in which Will Smith gets to punch an alien in the face and later blow up his ship.)

In the afternoon, I took the kids outside for some watermelon. Caedmon likes it and begs for it at the grocery store every time he sees the green orbs in the produce section.


Honor was too little for watermelon last summer, so this was her first time to have it. And? She loved it. Actually, that might be a bit of an understatement. The girl devoured it. She ate every bite I gave her and kept eyeballing Caedmon’s. At one point, she was shoving it into her mouth with both hands. She ended up with juice down to (and in) her belly button. I’m so glad I fed it to her sans clothing. It would’ve been a huge mess!


We celebrated in style with some friends last night. We ate good food, swam with the kids, and got to watch some folks blow stuff up. Caedmon also got to experience his first munitions. Of sorts. Poppers/Snappers count, right? (If not, don’t tell him, ok?)


These are all phone pictures, so they’re not great.

Caedmon also got to hold sparklers for the first time. By the end of the night, he was double-fisting.


To say he loved them would be an understatement.

Honor liked the sparklers, too. We didn’t tell her she was just carrying an empty box.


She must’ve figured it out, because she made her way back to the chairs and found the arsenal.


Don’t get your shorts in a wad – I let her hold them for the picture, and then we crushed her hopes and dreams by taking them away and leaving her with just an empty box. Life is cruel.

With all those sparklers, we could’ve made a nativity entirely of sparklers (name that movie!), but it was the wrong holiday. Maybe in a few months.

Today has been a more-watermelon (after which Honor leaned over and slurped the juice off of her high chair tray), popcorn-for-lunch, and watch-too-much-TV kind of day after our late night last night. And it’s been kinda nice. I love summer!

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