Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Which We Have Sushi and Coconut Pie

Yes, I’m still talking about our trip. It was just too much fun!

Tuesday was special, though. Because Mimi arranged for a cooking lesson (and lunch) with a sweet Japanese lady from church.

Mrs. K sits near Mimi and Papa in church, and when I would take the kids to see them before the service started, we’d always say hello to everyone near them. One day, Mrs. K was introduced to us, and she asked how she could pray for us.  Since that time, Mrs. K has had a special place in our hearts. And she’s been super kind to our family and a blessing to our kids.


Mrs. K reads the Bible in Japanese. She’s a prayer warrior. And she taught us to make sushi and egg rolls.

Mimi arranged everything for us, and we met at her house for our cooking lesson. Fidget and I were there to learn and cook – everyone else came later to eat.


We made egg rolls (or as Mrs. K calls them, wontons).


Mimi and Mrs. K were making sure everything was cooking properly.


While Mrs. G (a friend of Mimi and Mrs. K – and us) and Fidget supervised. (And I wandered about, taking photos of everything.)


Mrs. K taught us to roll sushi. We made it with crab (cooked), cucumber, and avocado. Mrs. K made it look pretty with the flowers!


Mrs. K also fried some of the biggest shrimp I’ve ever seen.


We had a great lunch together.


(Left to right: Mom, Curly, Mrs. K, Mimi, Trump, Fidget, and Mrs. G)

Maybe the best part of the day was listening to Mrs. K tell about her experiences; how God has called her and used her in her life, how He has taken care of her family, and how her prayers have been answered. She went to work in a factory (in Japan) at the age of 14 during WWII. She married a “GI”, came to America 50 years ago, and didn’t know English at all. She didn’t need to – she and her husband ministered to Japanese-speaking people. She continues her ministry today by investing in those around her. Mrs. K is a fabulous example of continuing to grow in your faith and allowing God to use you, even after you “retire”.

While we were eating and talking, the kids were playing.

Honor discovered the toy cabinet.


And Caedmon had a blast driving the jeep around. He was serious about it, too.


Papa even made him a service station.


I can’t wait until he can pump gas in my car!


Cousins Q and E were there as well, but I didn’t get many photos of them. I know Q wasn’t still long enough!

Of course, Honor had to mooch some food. During dessert time. And Aunt Trump was the perfect target. She didn’t want that Coconut Pie anyway, right?


We had a great time at Mimi’s that day. I’m grateful she made sure we got to spend some time with Mrs. K and cooked some good food! One of these days, I’ll figure out how to make coconut pies like she does. But until then, I’ll gladly enjoy hers!

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