Thursday, June 21, 2012

Honor, The Wiggle Worm

Honor finally calls Caedmon by his name. Sort of. She definitely says a two-syllable word that she uses to refer to him. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think she was saying something else. But no, she’s calling her brother.

And I love to hear her little voice calling for him. It sounds so sweet. At least, it does now. When she’s angry with him, she just screams. One day soon, she’ll yell his name. Or mine.

But for now, she’s typically happy to see him.

She’s also a super busy little thing. And into everything. If she’s awake, she’s moving.

When I was trying to take pictures for our Father’s Day gift for Husband, things weren’t going so well. I intended something completely different than what we ended up with. And this is why.


Honor could not be still.




And Caedmon was getting frustrated.


I was sympathizing with him.


We finally figured out how to make it work. We double-teamed her and Caedmon distracted her while I held her feet still and took a picture. Even then, it was dicey. This girl does not like to have her progress impeded.

I can’t imagine where she gets that.

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