Thursday, May 03, 2012

Deep Thoughts From Caedmon

I’ve started utilizing Siri to help me keep up with Caedmon’s sayings. I’ve found that lately, if I don’t immediately record what he says, I forget it. My brain cells are clearly dead. But I digress. Without further adieu:

We were in the car, and Caedmon piped up and said, “I love Honor so much, I can’t even give her away!”

I think my heart grew three sizes. If we hadn’t been in the car, I would’ve squeezed that boy!


I went to peek in on Caedmon over an hour after he was supposed to be asleep, and of course, he was still awake, but just barely. He whispered, “I don’t feel good. My eyes can’t stay open very much.”

“That means you’re sleepy. Go to sleep!”

“But I don’t want to.”


Caedmon’s been a little obsessive about his hands not being sticky lately. He’ll get something on them, then stop what he’s doing and immediately go wash them. Yesterday during lunch, because he was eating strawberries with his hands, he stopped to wash his hands three times.

I can’t imagine where he gets that *cough* *Daddy* *cough*.

I kept telling him that he could use the wash cloth I was using for Honor’s hands instead of getting up to go wash his hands while we were eating. He insisted his hands wouldn’t be clean and would still be sticky. I explained that if he’d let his hands dry all the way after he wiped them, they wouldn’t be sticky. He didn’t believe me. But a few minutes later…

“Mom! Did you know the stickiness can fall off all by itself? It can! My hands aren’t sticky any more!”

That’s ok. I’m just the Mom. I don’t know anything. Sigh.

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