Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I promised myself that I was going to sit down and write a blog post for today. A real one. And then? Yesterday happened.

Yesterday was the first day in about two weeks that we didn’t have any obligations – nowhere we had to be, nothing we had to get done. I was looking forward to a relaxed pajama day that we could spend at home - playing, giggling, frolicking in the backyard, you know, all those things people do in slow-motion sequences on TV. But it was not to be.

After a fitful night of sleep (for me), Honor woke up at 5:30am, which isn’t normal for her. After attempting (and failing miserably) to get her to go back to bed, I rocked her back to sleep. She slept. I didn’t. And because I had to sit upright and keep rocking so she wouldn’t try to bounce herself up and down (yes, it’s weird), I ended up with a lovely crick in my neck.

I feel like Zoolander. I can’t go left.

I thought maybe once she fell asleep and was out like a light, she might sleep a bit later than normal. Wrong. At exactly 7:30am, her eyes popped open. And she was rolling.

And so we rolled. It wasn’t pretty. But we rolled.

I had hoped that the morning nap would help us all. It didn’t. Neither did the afternoon nap. Honor spent much of her awake time unhappy. Poor Caedmon seemed to be continuously doing something to get himself into trouble. And any mercy I had was gone before the first sip of caffeine hit my bloodstream. I needed an IV, not a 16 ounce mug.

Yesterday was one of those days that I know happen, but that doesn’t make them easier when they do. Some days are just about survival.

And since I survived, I consider that a win.

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  1. I hope today was better for you sweet friend!!

    On the duck dynasty--it drives me crazy that they call their mom and dad by their names! Ha!

    And I always love Caedmon's deep thoughts. (: