Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Randoms

1. Caedmon and I went to the “Mother-Son Date Knight” at Chick-fil-A on Saturday night. And we had a great time. If it’s coming to your city soon, Moms, make a reservation and take your son(s)!


2. I discovered that Caedmon does not like “would you rather” questions, and, in fact, meets them with contempt. And trying to explain them wears me out.

3. I have a new favorite shirt. Actually, I have six of them. In different colors. Wow. That sounds terrible. But they’re so soft. And they fit so well. I didn’t get them all at once. And I bought some of them on clearance, others on sale with a coupon. Listen to me justifying this. I like the shirts, ok? I just realized I almost have one for every day of the week. That might be a sad, sad thing. But it’s true.

4. I have been doing the majority of the laundry each week during Celebrity Apprentice. It seems like it goes so much faster when I’m not trying to chase kids or do 87 other things. And I can’t just sit and watch a 2-hour show. I don’t know how the laundry’s going to get done when this show goes off.

5. Honor got to ride in the front seat of the double stroller at the zoo last week. She likes riding in the front. Can you tell?


6. Yeah, she’s wearing a sweatshirt in that photo. It was a little cool that morning. Yesterday, it was 90. But. I took the flannel sheets off my bed yesterday, thereby guaranteeing a cold snap.

7. Husband isn’t the only one in our house that’s excited for The Avengers to come out this week.


8. We are supposed to see a new specialist tomorrow for Caedmon’s birthmark. At least I think we are. I have to call today to confirm. I made the appointment months ago and they haven’t re-confirmed.

9. Yeah, the garage sale thing is this weekend. And yeah, we’re still working on getting things ready. And yeah, I still hate it.

10. M3, this is for you. Because you’re the only one who’s commented on my lack of 10-point random posts lately. And this one will have 11.

11. Our neighborhood pool opens this weekend. I haven’t told Caedmon yet. I’d like to keep what’s left of my sanity, so I’m pretending it doesn’t open until next Tuesday, the first opportunity we’ll have to go. Evil, I know. But a necessary evil.

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