Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday Update

Just a quick update. We’re here. We’re alive. Sane? That might be another thing altogether.

1. Sister has the snots. Again. As in, yucky, green, runny, sticky snot that seems to get all over me every time I get close to her. I really do wash my clothes. But in the shoulder and just below the knee areas (generally nose-height when I’m holding her or she’s standing), you’d never know.

2. I’m blaming the snots on teeth. Because I can. Though I’m pretty certain that’s really the culprit, you just never know. The amount of crankiness and weird sleeping habits lately has me convinced since she’s otherwise not sick.

3. Our (rent) house has termites. I discovered this yesterday when they invaded the laundry room and master bath. Literally, there were little black bugs covering the walls and floor. It was…interesting. The bug guy came this morning, and has a plan of attack. Never have I been so glad that someone else owns the house in which I reside.

4. The kids and I are making a Target run today. And I might be going to the Target in another town because it’s only 5 minutes to our nearest Sonic from there and Momma needs a Coke. Oh, and it’s a bigger Target store and they have a better selection. Yeah, that’s it.

(Side note: someone recently told me they thought McD’s has the best Cokes. They did say they’d never had a Sonic Coke, but it still borders on blasphemy. I have to give grace because they just don’t know what they’re missing. I feel bad for people who don’t know the gloriousness of Sonic Coke.)

5. Also, as I sit here and watch Honor nearly do the splits on the wood floor, I realize the non-skid socks she’s currently wearing aren’t so non-skid.

I know. Only 5 things. But that’s about all my brain can take at this moment. Maybe after a Sonic Coke I’ll feel better. And some chocolate.

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  1. Enjoy my Target. And my Sonic. :) I think McDonald's cokes are disgusting. I hate that every drink comes out of the same machine so you never know what came before your Coke and the previous drink backwash you are going to get.

    1. Jodi,
      One of these days we are going to have to meet up!

  2. I have to agree with that person. Sonic's cokes are very good, but mcdonalds have them with the best BITE. as in burns as it goes down. mmm!

    1. Charity,
      I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. ;) McDonald's Cokes are always watered down to me. Ew.

  3. Such a cute Blog! I love your about me, I also want to be REAL! By the way I am jumping here from Kelly's link up. I am a pastor's wife in Venice beach CA. So I started a blog when my sixth child was stillborn 1-24-12. I want to share the deep pain of loss and give hope. Ministry while grieving is difficult, I want to be honest and point other to Jesus. This is so awesome that we get to look into the lives of other's serving the Lord. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for visiting me and your kind words. I wanted to do another post to let other ministry wives know what it is like in Southern California. We minister to a unusual group. I would love if you came by to read it. I also love reading about other's serving for Jesus.

  5. Charity, thanks so much for stopping be my blog. I think infertility is a very big struggle. I have watched some of my friends struggle with this and it broke my heart. I don't pretend to know how it feels...I have learned that much through my trial. You are so funny I was just reading some other posts it's good for my heart to read your blog. I decided to do a post about pioneering our church in CA. A lot of people have ask me about it I would love if you checked it out. i will be back for more reading!