Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Of Pancakes and Sadie Hawkins

Happy National Pancake Day!

What? You don’t celebrate National Pancake Day? It’s not like it’s a fake, made-up, holiday to…oh wait. Nevermind.

Nevertheless, we are celebrating tonight with pancakes for dinner. Made with real buttermilk. And as requested by my guys, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, and whipped cream. Honor and I will have strawberries and blueberries with ours. Yum. And maybe some chocolate chips too.

Then on Wednesday? It’s Leap Day, y’all.

Our church is doing something this year called the One More Project. Basically, we get one extra day this year...what are you going to do with it?

We’re still deciding what our One More Project thing is going to be. But for now, I wanted to do something fun on Leap Day. This year, Caedmon is 4 and Honor is 10 months. The next Leap Day we have, my kids will be 8 and 4! Crazy to think about!

I read up on all the Leap Day traditions, but since I don’t need to ask anybody to marry me or invite anyone to a Sadie Hawkins Dance (I always think of the Relient K song…”Sadie Hawkins Dance, in my khaki pants, there’s nothing better…oh, oh, oh.” You’re welcome.), we’re pretty much out of luck for celebrating traditionally. So I looked for a few ideas on Pinterest and talked it over with Caedmon. A backwards day would’ve been fun, but we have two places to go and neither of us thought that wearing our pants backwards in public would be a good idea. We may be a lot of things, but we are not Kriss Kross.

So tomorrow, we’ll be making frog cupcakes. (Leap. Get it?) And possibly frog paintings. We’ll see how the cupcakes go.

So for now, Happy National Pancake Day and tomorrow, Leap Day!

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