Wednesday, February 08, 2012


**Caedmon’s fever continued on all day yesterday, but he felt much better. We still watched Star Wars, though. A lot. But he’s a good little patient. I think the ice cream for breakfast helped. **

Do you remember when Caedmon discovered the tile floor?

He was about the same age Honor is now. She discovered the kitchen floor the other day. And she thought it was hilarious.

What? This isn’t funny? Wait for it…


…wait for it…._DSC0534

She decided to blow zrbts (raspberries) on the floor.





Ok, so we all thought it was funny. And no, the floor probably wasn’t very clean. But a little dirt never hurt anybody.

Since then, she’s figured out how to blow a zrbt on your cheek. It’s quite slobbery, but super cute.

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