Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sugarbread Men Cookies

Since we made our gingerbread house, Caedmon has been dying to make “gingerbread mans” cookies. I didn’t want to use real gingerbread, so we made sugar cookies instead. I told him they would be men, but not gingerbread men. We could call them sugar cookies or sugarbread men. Guess what he chose.

I didn’t have a good sugar cookie recipe, so I tried a new one I found on Pinterest. We used Betty Crocker cookie frosting because I was not interested in making it this time. I liked the cookies. They remind me of the sugar cookies at the Walmart bakery, which I love. I think if I’d made these thicker, they would’ve been *almost* exactly like them. Next time.

Caedmon was all about decorating his “mans.”


His favorite was this one, who was apparently wearing underwear, just like Caedmon.


It might appear that the undies were dirty, and while I can’t speak for the gingerbread man, I can assure you that Caedmon’s were clean.

I made one with a tutu for Honor. (She can’t eat it, but we needed to make one for her anyway.)


We had one whose leg broke off, so I made him a pirate.


We ended up with all kinds of fun “mans.”


And lest you think we are savages, here’s a plain, regular gingerbread man.


The cookies? Good. Also? Gone.

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