Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Don’t Skip Thanksgiving, We’re Just Including it in Christmas

We decorated the tree this past weekend. We usually wait until Thanksgiving weekend, but not this year! I have mixed feelings about decorating this early. I want to celebrate Thanksgiving fully, but with our schedule this year, we really needed to get our décor up early. So we’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving with our Christmas décor out. And that will be just fine.

Decorating for Christmas has become quite a process. Heck, putting up the tree is a two-day event. We put the tree up and I put on the lights and topper one evening. The next evening, we put the ornaments on.

I laid Caedmon’s ornaments out for him to put on the tree.


*Edited to add: When I showed Caedmon his ornaments, he said, “I’ve been wondering where these were for years!” At least we’re not dramatic in our house.

Each year, I’ve bought Caedmon a Hallmark ornament that reflected something he was “into” that year. This is the one we got for him this year. It was a tough call between this one and a Phineas & Ferb ornament, but with Daddy’s vote, this one won.


This was Honor’s first official year for ornaments. (I did buy one for her last year, though.) She got a “First Christmas” ornament.


Caedmon started off pretty serious.


And then became distracted. (Squirrel!)


We managed to get it all decorated, but I did have to do a bit of ornament rearranging.

Sunday after church, we tried to use the timer on the camera to get a decent picture of the four of us in front of the tree. Two words: epic failure.

Husband wanted Oz in the photo, but he was not a fan of the idea.


Caedmon, left un-coached, reverted to his new default photo pose. Oz was trying to escape. Honor was wiggly.


Before we gave up, I got this one of Husband and Honor. It’s sweet, but the look on her face makes me laugh. I can almost hear her saying, “Are you serious, Clark?”


Suffice it to say, none of these pictures will be showing up on a Christmas card anywhere. 

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