Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Beach in October

I meant to have this posted yesterday, but I managed to spill water on my laptop the other day and it needed to dry out. Thankfully, it’s working just fine now, and I’m really hoping it continues to do so!

We were given an opportunity to visit the beach a few weeks ago. It was Caedmon’s first time, and he was excited. Almost as excited as I was at the prospect of sitting and listening to the waves.

This was our view for a few days, which we thoroughly enjoyed.


The first morning, Husband took Caedmon down to build a sand castle.


Their masterpiece.


Caedmon spent a lot of his time on the beach doing this.


And this.


He also chased a few seagulls.


Caedmon got a set of army men as a “vacation surprise,” so during some of our inside time, he and Husband had some epic battles.


Honor was a happy girl during our trip. (Beach pictures of her to come, I promise!)


We took Caedmon to Hard Rock Café.


He l.o.v.e.d. seeing the memorabilia everywhere!


But he especially loved the guitars. This one from Bad Company kept drawing him back.


He asked to have his picture taken with it!


One morning, Husband wrote Caedmon’s name in the sand. Caedmon thought it was super cool.


The sunrises were beautiful.


Caedmon and I made a sand castle.


After which he immediately destroyed it.


We also found some jellyfish on the beach. Of course, he had to poke one with a stick.


It’s what boys do.

But that’s not all we did at the beach. More tomorrow!

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  1. Where in the world was this beautiful place? I want to go!