Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Flight

Last week, the kids and I went back home for a special trip. Since NLB was overseas when Honor was born and we moved before he came home, they hadn’t yet met. So we took advantage of his fall break (aka an extra day off school) and went for a long-overdue meeting.

But first, we had to get there. It was Caedmon’s first time to fly, and he was pretty excited about the whole experience.

We were all cute and happy before we left the house. I was really hoping we’d stay that way.


We navigated the airport quite well, and Caedmon loved riding the train to our terminal. When we got to our gate, there was exactly one window. Seriously, in this enormous airport with a gillion gates, we were at probably the only one with a single window. And we hogged the whole thing. This boy needed to see!


Also? Wendy’s at the airport didn’t have chicken nuggets. Not cool.

We were fortunate not to have any delays. We boarded and got settled for the flight. Caedmon loved the whole experience. We had not one, but two windows, and he enjoyed looking out – when he wasn’t playing with his cars.


And he felt quite special because he got animal crackers from the Flight Attendant in addition to his pretzels.


Honor did extremely well on the flight, though this picture doesn’t exactly portray it.


Mom picked us up at the airport, and when we got back to her house, we were greeted by Meemom…



…Cousin E (6 weeks younger than Honor)…


…Cousin Q, and Curly. I just didn’t get any pictures of them. Mimi came over, too.


And the little girls hung out together with their Meemom and Mimi.


NLB didn’t get in until late since he had a three-hour drive. Honor was long in bed when he arrived, but I’d let Caedmon stay up late to wait for him. I didn’t have the presence of mind to take pictures that late at night, but stay tuned for tomorrow when NLB meets Honor for the first time!

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  1. I know you loved being home with your family! I sure did love getting to spend time with you! Glad your first flight with the kiddos was a success!

  2. YOU are a saint for flying with two kids by yourself!! SAINT!!