Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Catching Up

I thought I’d catch up a little since I left you hanging on Monday with seven loads of unfolded laundry and a sick baby girl.

You were holding your breath, weren’t you? Because you don’t have your own loads of laundry that need to be folded, or children to care for. Or whatever it is you spend your day doing. Really, I just sit around eating bon bons. The whole taking-care-of-the-kids-and-house-thing is a total sham.

Not really. But some days when Husband comes home, he probably wonders what we actually did all day. Heck, I wonder that myself some days.


Sunday night wasn’t the best. It wasn’t awful, but I am spoiled by my wonderful little sleeper. Caedmon was up at 3:30, crawling into my bed. I’ll have to fill you in on his nighttime issues lately, but suffice it to say that Momma doesn’t want him to be upset, but I don’t have the desire for a four year-old sleeping in my bed, either. He actually came in to snuggle for a few minutes, then gave me a kiss and went back to bed on his own close to 4am. Which was nice.

Except that about 15 minutes later, Honor was awake and fussing. She settled down and went back to sleep, but I had a hard time settling back down. And then about 5:00, I remembered that the  jeans I’d put in the washer the night before had never made it to the dryer. And since Husband likes to wear clothes to work (and everyone else appreciates it too), I got up and put them in the dryer.

Now, some of you would have just gotten up for the day and made good use of your time that early in the morning. Maybe even folded the six other loads of laundry. Not this girl. I’m a firm believer that 5 o’clock should only be seen by me in the evening unless there are some crazy circumstances. And laundry doesn’t count.

Honor was awake again around 5:45, then back asleep for a while. We were all up for good by 6:45. At which time we turned on cartoons and I did my best to pretend to be awake.

Once I opened my eyes for real, I noticed that the rash Honor had before bed the night before (which I assumed was from the tiny bit of fever she still had) was worse. She had no more fever, but the rash was pretty bad. We ended up back at the doctor later in the morning to check out the rash, and it was confirmed that it was an allergic reaction to her medicine. The doctor was pleased that she was doing much better otherwise, so all was not lost. We just had to wait for her rash to go away.

Also? We all got afternoon naps. All. Including me. (Well, except for Husband. He was working.) I haven’t had a nap in weeks, and it was glorious. And Husband took us out for frozen yogurt for dinner. Yes, for dinner. It made for one happy four year-old boy and a Momma that was happy there was no cooking to worry about.

I only got three loads of laundry folded on Monday. And that was during the evening while Husband and I watched The Sing Off. But I disinfected everything Honor’s been close to or touched in the past two weeks. (And possibly a few other things.) And then stayed up too late, which is a common occurrence these days.

Yesterday, Honor’s rash was actually worse. So I called the nurse. Apparently we had forgotten to have the “it will get worse before it gets better” discussion on Monday, and it was just something we needed to watch longer. So I am really hoping that by today it will be better.

Yesterday was also Honor’s half-birthday. The poor girl spent the day all spotted. I’m sure that when we went to Walmart, people thought she had leprosy or something. I haven’t taken many pictures. Not because I want to erase this from my memory, but because my camera has been upstairs and I have been too lazy busy to go upstairs and get it.

Also? Caedmon has been like a rhesus monkey on crack the past few days. The boy seriously needs to expend some energy today or one of us might not make it to tomorrow.

I’m really hoping the rest of the week is calm and uneventful where the children are concerned. We’ll see.

Oh, and the other three loads of unfolded laundry? Still sitting there. Along with two more. I swear, the stuff multiplies like Gremlins. Maybe I should set it in the sunlight.

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