Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Boy’s 4th Birthday

Yesterday was Caedmon’s birthday…all day long! His birthday shirt was waiting for him to put on, and it was probably the only day in the last….I don’t know how long…that he wore clothes all day!

We broke out the party hats pretty early.


Even I got to wear one…all morning long.

Birthday hat

And the long-awaited football cake! (Seriously…he’s been asking for a football cake since last fall.)


The gifts were beckoning him! And he loved the balloons. For Caedmon, party = balloons & party hats.


We had lunch of his choice…he could have anything he wanted, and he asked for corn dogs.

Even Honor wore a party hat…for a minute. (She was laughing at Caedmon. She loves him!)


And check out this party animal.



After lunch, Caedmon opened gifts. Some were from us, some were sent from family members.




And he loved them all. Thanks, everyone!

Daddy took on the task of opening the Captain America…and it took a while for Caedmon to get him back.



And then it was time for football cake and ice cream!


It was pretty good.


And later on, Caedmon and Husband put his Robox together. He thought it was pretty cool!


During naptime, I got the exersaucer out and ready for Honor.


She enjoyed it for a while, but then got angry about something and kept screaming/yelling at it. I have no idea what she wanted, so I ended up taking her out, and she kept screaming. She wanted back in. But I couldn’t have the yelling, so she had to wait a while before she got to play with it again.

For dinner, Caedmon got to choose where he wanted to go. He chose McDonald’s. Husband and I would’ve preferred somewhere different, but that’s what he wanted, so that’s what he got.

Caedmon got all kinds of phone calls, texts, Facebook and Twitter messages, and even a Skype call for his birthday. He felt very loved and appreciated each one. He was quite shy during some of the phone calls, and a maniac during some others. (I’m blaming the chocolate frosting for those.)

It was a great day. I’m so happy that Caedmon is excited about being four. And I’m even happier that God has allowed us to be his parents. We’ve had four great years with him, and I’m looking forward to many more!

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  1. I agree with the C-man it's not a birthday unless there are balloons involved! No matter how old you are!!

  2. Glad both your boys had good birthdays!! I am mega-impressed with your cake making skills!

    Miss you!!!