Monday, June 27, 2011

A House

We spent some time last weekend searching for a house in our new town. We were praying that the Lord would provide for some very specific needs, and He did just that. We met our Realtor at 9:45am and by 12:30pm we were ready to write up a lease.

If only everything on the trip and this past week had been that easy. More on that later. Maybe. Some of those things I would rather repress, I think! (Sitting in the airport with an infant for 6 hours, leaking (brand new) washing machine, mower that wouldn’t start…see? Repression. It might be a good thing.)

Here are some pictures of our new house!


House Front, Listing

We’ve tried to get good shots of the front, but with the tree right in front of the house, it’s really hard. We’ll have to work on that again later.

This is the living room. It looks kind of brown here, but it’s really a deep red.

Living Room

This is the dining area. It connects to both the kitchen and living room.

Breakfast, Dining Area

Here’s the kitchen. It’s sort of strange because there’s a wall with nothing but a window – no cabinets or anything. It’s to the left of the sink area. But it will be great. I’ll get creative and we’ll have some sort of awesomeness going on over there.

I was a little sad that almost every other house we looked at had a gas stovetop and oven and the house we chose has electric. But it will be fine – that’s what we have now. The other places just got my hopes up a bit. You can’t have everything, I suppose.


Here’s the first kids’ room. We haven’t decided just yet who will have which room.

Corner Bedroom

And the second.

Bay Window Bedroom

I’d love for Caedmon to have the bigger room (with the bay windows) but y’all know he’s up at the crack of dawn as it is. If I put him in a room with three windows I don’t know if the boy would ever sleep.

Husband thinks we should let him choose, but I don’t know if we’ll go that far. We’ll see.

And our room.

Master Bedroom

I already know I will love the counter space in the bathroom.

Master Bath 2

It’s almost enough to make a snake cake on. (If you don’t get that reference, please go watch Steel Magnolias. Thank me later.)

And the tub? I can’t wait until we’re settled and I can take a good, long soak.

Master Bath 1

But here’s the part I know several of you are waiting for. The bonus room. Why? Because it will serve as the office/guest room. We are planning on lots of friends coming to visit. And when you do, this will be your spot!

Bonus Room

It’s a great house. Perfect? No. But it’s everything we asked the Lord for. So in a way, it is perfect. It even has a fence. (For some reason, not a lot of houses in that area have fenced yards.) And the neighborhood will be marvelous. It has pools, parks, and other amenities that will be awesome for our family. We are excited about our new house.

Now, to make it a home!

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  1. I think you should give your daughter the room with the big bay windows! thats every little girls dream! especially if you built something for her to sit on there, she could sit and read.. oooh!

  2. I have followed your blog for a few months (your kids are so cute!) and I think you might be moving to the Atlanta area. If that is true, I live in Marietta and would be happy to tell you about the area!

  3. I am still in denial!