Friday, June 10, 2011

Cousin Day at Mom and Dad’s

Honor got to meet Cousin E for the first time the other day. We all ended up at Mom and Dad’s for the afternoon and had a great time letting the Aunts, Uncle, and Grandparents wear our boys out while the girls hung out together.

Cousin E (1 1/2 weeks) and Honor (8 weeks)…6 weeks difference in age is a big deal right now. Very soon, it won’t be.


Cousin Q was getting ready to go swimming with Caedmon.


He didn’t really want to get in…he thought putting his feet in was just fine for a while. Caedmon swam with Fidget until she had to go to work.


Mimi and Dad supervised from their shaded spot.


Uncle HLB stopped by on his lunch break and loaded up the water gun.


Aunt Trump and Honor hung out inside, out of the heat.


Then the boys took their water gun fight to the trampoline.





Oh, but Caedmon wasn’t done swimming. He convinced Aunt Squirt to get in with him.


And then Q decided to get in, so Mom got in with Caedmon and Squirt swam with Q.



They paused for a while and Caedmon helped Squirt water her horses.


But he refused to take off his swim vest. Because that meant swimming was over. He was not done. He and Squirt ended up back in the pool for a while. I think Caedmon wore out three people that day – besides himself. He was one tired little boy when we got home. And that’s the way I like it.

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  1. I should preface this with I'm new to your blog, so I don't know how HLB is but he is a cutie!

    (I should add to that I really hope he's not married otherwise I look like a Baptist Hussy so please disregard that statement if he is!!)

  2. Ha! Charity, HLB is my "little" brother. I've always thought he was a cutie too! Check out the "Cast of Characters" page for more info on who these people are. And no, he's not married! ;)

  3. Sweet Nibblets! How do you keep all those names straight?! I almost had to take a snack break while reading! ha! :)

    Well since HLB is not married, and I am slightly crazy.....