Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thoughts of Randomness

1. Someone at our house may be slightly obsessed with HuHot.


2. After nearly 13 year of marriage, it’s nice to have some new glasses.

Sad, I know.

3. Why yes, we are raising our very own Kriss Kross. Hey, he was wearing clothes. I wasn’t complaining.


4. Caedmon had a blast the other day with the surprise Nana brought him.


But was very upset when he had to go inside.


5. Because I am such a stellar Mom, this is one of the three photos I took of Honor in her new dress on Mother’s Day/Baby Dedication. In all three, she was in her carseat, sleeping. I’m thankful for Mom’s photos!


6. We are loving The Voice on Tuesday nights. I almost dare not say it, but we’re more excited about it than American Idol. We love the format, and now that Casey’s going on Idol, it’s pretty clear (to us) who will end up winning. And we’re ok with that, it’s just so predictable after so many seasons that we’re ready for something new and fresh. The Voice it is. Plus, I love to hear Cee Lo speak. His voice is rhythmic even when he talks. It just makes me smile. I’m weird like that.

7. Big Brother starts back soon. As in July 7. I can hardly contain myself and may already be planning to have a watch party for the debut.

8. Oz does not appreciate being locked out while Husband exercises.


8. I’ve not been cleared to exercise yet, (not that I would have the time anyway) but I’m so ready to fit back into my jeans.

9. In the meantime, I’ve considered buying some Spanx. I do not want to look like Janice Van Meter with two pigs fightin’ under a blanket.

10. Happy Birthday HLB!


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