Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Only Thing That Separates Us From The Animals Is Our Ability To Accessorize

You probably know by now that we are not “bow people.” It’s not that we are anti-bow. It’s just that I’m not a huge accessory person and they’re not something that cross my mind in the midst of getting dressed and ready to go somewhere. I’m happy that we’re all clothed when we get there, nevermind extra things.

But the other day, I put a pair of Caedmon’s old blue pajamas on Honor and thought maybe we needed to pink up her outfit a bit and practice the whole hairbow thing. So we did.

Honor wasn’t particularly enthused. (Check out the double chin Sister is getting!)


And as she spent a little more time in the hairbow, she became even less enthralled.


So I switched bows. Why not? She was ok for a bit. Caedmon approved of the bow and wanted a closer look.


But she didn’t seem to like it for very long. And Caedmon didn’t either.


Hey, we gave it a shot. And we will again. But don’t be surprised if we don’t make it out in public with a bow any time soon.

We’ll get better, though. After all, we are not animals.

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  1. McKenna won't wear a bow and never really liked it when she was younger either. She plays with headbands but that's all she'll do. Put it on take it off.

  2. When she gets a little bit more hair, just try those little clip on ones. Mine never liked the headband style either:) BTW, I am also extremely anti-bow but it is the only thing that keeps her hair back since she doesn't like ponytails, etc.

  3. She is precious. I love the pictures of Caedmon loving on her. That is my FAVORITE thing about having two kiddos--watching them love on each other!