Thursday, May 26, 2011

Clearly I Could Use Some Help

I’m not quite myself yet from all the pregnancy hormones. It’s been proven that “pregnancy brain” is real…a scientific fact. Your brain actually shrinks during pregnancy. So when people tell you their kids have caused them to lose brain cells, it’s possible. Your brain goes back to its normal size eventually, but I think it takes some time to clear all the cobwebs.

I am more ADD than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I couldn’t focus on one thing right now to save my hide. I realized at 3 o’clock yesterday that I’d left stuff from lunch sitting on the kitchen counter. Of course, I didn’t eat lunch until almost 2. Why? I was too busy flitting around the house, trying to get something done and failing miserably. I remember the same feeling after Caedmon was born. So I’m hoping it wears off soon and my brain cells return. Because I need them.

Case in point: Today. I went to Target in search of some Baby Legs knock-offs. Curly had found some, and I wanted to get some for Honor. So Honor and I spent a few minutes browsing in the women’s section before we headed over to the baby area. I found myself a pair of leggings and put them in the cart.

We made our way over to the baby section and found the area where I should find the Baby Legs. But there were two options. There were “leg warmers” and “leggings.” Some of the designs were the same, and due to the packaging, I couldn’t really see how they were made. I stood there, wondering which one  I wanted. I couldn’t tell the difference between the “leg warmers” and “leggings.”

I tried to call Jennifer. I thought maybe she had some for Jillian and could tell me what it was I was looking for. But she wasn’t available, so I called Curly. I asked which she’d bought, and she told me she had both. I asked what the difference was.

“Leg warmers are like socks with no feet and leggings are like tights with no feet,” she said.


Ya’ll. I am a child of the 80’s. I had leg warmers. I know what they are. I also own two pair of leggings. But in that moment, I could not wrap my brain around the difference between leg warmers and leggings. And I had just put a pair of leggings in my cart. For me.

Clearly I am in need of some extra brain cells at this time.

Later, I texted Jennifer and told her she should be glad she wasn’t able to answer the phone when I called. I told her my idiotic question and she laughed along with me. It’s good to have friends that understand your particular brand of crazy.

It’s called Motherhood.

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