Saturday, April 23, 2011

All Hail Spring

Spring storms have been kickin’ it around here the past few days. A big hail storm came thru the other day, but missed our house. We weren’t so lucky on Thursday, though.

This is what it looked like out our back window.


We had hail at our house ranging in size from grapes to golf balls. And I’m pretty sure there were some larger ones that broke upon impact on the roof, because it definitely sounded like baseballs were hitting our house there for a little while.


During the height of the storm, Husband was picking Caedmon up from KDO. He called me to tell me the smallest hail they were getting there was golf ball size and his windshield had been ruined. Actually, I think he used the word “destroyed” because when Caedmon got home, he jumped out of the car, ran inside to me, and said, “Daddy’s windshield is DESTROYED!” At least my guys aren’t overly dramatic or anything.

But he was right. The windshield is toast. And there’s quite a bit of hail damage to Husband’s car. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it all fixed soon. Because this…this is probably not a good thing to drive around with. (And yes, these are all different impact sites, and there are more that wouldn’t photograph because of the glare on the glass.)





But the hail storm didn’t rattle their cage too much. They’re still able to relax together.


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