Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

I got up Friday with a grand plan to get the house cleaned and be productive. That lasted until about 10am. Seriously, it was pretty pathetic. Somehow I was still exhausted and sore from our trip earlier in the week. Then I had a banana for breakfast and ended up with heartburn and felt queasy all day. I managed to keep doing stuff, but it wasn’t nearly to the degree I wanted. Or felt like I should.

Knowing the coming week (this week) would be crazy, I decided to go ahead and get groceries. I know…as if shifting my grocery day to Tuesday wasn’t bad enough, I went on Friday night. But. Caedmon was at FNO and I went to the store by myself. It’s pretty sad that I enjoyed myself as much as I did, shopping for groceries. Alone. In a store full of people. But it was nice. And the best part was that when I got home with Caedmon and the groceries, Husband had picked up the house and cleaned the kitchen, totally making up for several of the things I hadn’t gotten done. He’s awesome.

Saturday was a beautiful day, and Caedmon and I went to Cilla’s birthday party. He had so much fun and it was wonderful to see friends and let him get some wiggles out! (Yes, I took pictures, but I haven’t downloaded them yet.)

Caedmon and I went by Hobby Lobby on the way home. He was a trooper, but trying to figure out how to put the finishing touches on Little Sister’s room is about to kill me. Pregnancy brain apparently applies to decorating and accessories too, not that I was that great with those things to begin with. Hopefully we’re on the home stretch and I can get things finished up in the next couple of weeks.

We let Caedmon stay up late Saturday night, thinking that maybe with the time change he’d adjust better. He woke up at approximately 7:01am on Sunday. He kills me. How his little internal timer works, I will never know. (Believe me, I’d like to adjust it a bit.)

He was much more rested than we were. Husband and I had been awakened by his phone at 5am, which was only on because he uses it for an alarm on Sundays. And it wasn’t even his alarm going off. It was a Words With Friends notification. Seriously people. Who plays WWF at 5am on Sunday morning? Especially on time change Sunday? I don’t think either of us went back to sleep, and I know I hadn’t rested well all night. It was one of those nights that Baby Sister decided to be a stinker and not let me sleep. There will be more of those ahead, and I’m just glad that she was in no position to wake anyone else up with her shenanigans. At least not yet.

Sunday was a dreary day, so it was perfect for napping. And that we did. At least a little bit, anyway. Then spent a lazy afternoon and evening hanging out together. And then watched The Celebrity Apprentice. Because that’s such a train wreck you can’t not watch and be in complete awe that these are “successful” people. I don’t know how some of them tie their own shoes.

Today I hope to do some catching up around the house and get ready for the rest of our week. I think this is our last week with a full schedule for a while, so I’d better get busy!

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