Monday, March 07, 2011


I took Caedmon to a sibling class given by our hospital on Saturday. It was really geared toward kids a bit older, but he did great and we enjoyed it. I meant to take my camera and totally left it at home.

There was nothing profound at the class, but it gave him an opportunity to see other kids who were becoming siblings and someone besides me telling him what to expect. He even got a baby doll dressed in a pink onesie to hold. The only problem with that was that he wanted to bring it home. There was also a video with a cheesy pirate telling us how babies grow. Completely random. I mean, how credible are pirates really, especially when it comes to babies?

We got to tour the hospital and see babies in the nursery. Caedmon had a ton of questions about what the nurses were doing, and thought it was hilarious that the doctor who was hanging out there played peek-a-boo with the kids through the glass. We also got to see a hospital room so when he comes to visit us, he will know what to expect.

Overall, I think it was a good thing, but not one of those things I would say is absolutely necessary. I'm glad we went. And I wish Caedmon had asked his questions to the teacher instead of holding them all until we got in the car to go home.

But such is life. I love that boy. Pin It

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  1. Rest at ease--I have it on very good authority that when it comes to babies--pirates are totally credible. Haha!

    I crack myself up. (:

    Anyway, to my scheduled comment--we didn't do that class b/c Lilly was so little but I have always wanted to know what they did in there! Thanks!