Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby #2: 33 Weeks

Baby #2 Highlights

How Far Along: 33 weeks (Need to catch up? Here’s last week.)

Size of Baby: A little over 17 inches head to toe and about the weight of a pineapple. There’s a fruit I can get behind.

Big Brother Caedmon: We had a blast on our mini-vacation earlier this week. And he’s feeling better now that the antibiotics have kicked in. I just hope this is our last bout with ear infections for a while. A long while.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was at the doctor yesterday, so the official count is now +25 pounds. This pound-a-week thing is killing me. I have two words for you: back fat. It’s not pretty. And I really hope this weight melts away after she’s born as easily as it did last time.

Maternity Clothes: Most of the time, except at home. But ya’ll. I did the unthinkable. or at least what I thought was unthinkable. I wore a bathing suit this week. Not a maternity one, I might add.

We’d planned on taking Caedmon to an indoor water place, and I knew I wanted to be able to get wet and play with him some. But I also knew I didn’t want to spend mega bucks on a new suit. And Husband thought it was bizarre to ask to borrow someone else’s. So to prove a point, I went and put my regular suit on, thinking it would look hilariously small and he’d let me ask to borrow one. And that totally backfired because it sorta fit. I just needed bigger bottoms. So we made that purchase and I wore my rash guard shirt for a little extra coverage.

Of course Husband took a picture. And before I show it to you, I want to say that I hadn’t gotten everything “fixed” yet, so the back is a little wonky. But as I mentioned before, I was more um, “contained,” big belly included, than several others were who were not pregnant. Which made me feel good for about 2 seconds until I looked down at my thighs. They are currently not my friends. Also, please excuse my child. And his tongue.

Pregnant Bathing Suit, crop

Gender: Girl!

Movement: Yes! I literally thought she was going to beat me to death from the inside out on Sunday afternoon while we were driving. I hope that doesn’t mean she’s not going to like riding in the car, because that just can’t happen.

She’s still flipping back and forth from side to side, pushing her little feet so hard that it feels like they’ll bust out any second. She flips upside down occasionally…when she feels like it, I suppose. I really hope she flips upside down and stays there soon! Of course, when I saw Dr. P yesterday, she was upside down, just like she’s supposed to be. Showing off for the doctor, obviously. I’m beginning to think she’s doing it on purpose to make me look crazy. Not that I need any help with that. (You saw the picture above, right?)

Sleep: Yes. I’m usually so tired by the time I go to bed that I don’t wake up unless Caedmon yells. That of course means a trip to the bathroom on the way back to bed and may or may not wake Sister up, which means she may or may not start going nuts. I don’t like it when she goes nuts at 2am.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams. Hips hurting. Oh, I also found out this past week that the reason I’ve been having pain across the front of my hips is because my pelvis has been a bit twisted. I suppose that’s what happens when someone is inside of it, pushing their little feet on one side. I also have a rib that keeps popping out, and that’s less than comfortable.

Heartburn. Sometimes if I eat one tiny bite. Sometimes not at all. It’s a bit bizarre.

But I’m not complaining. Those of you who haven’t had babies need to understand: this is just the way it is. Pretty much all of these things happen to everybody at some point in their pregnancy. Some have it worse than others. But the miracle that comes along with it is totally worth it. And once that baby gets here you’ll have a new set of issues to deal with. But you’ll be holding a sweet baby and be so completely sleep deprived that you won’t care about them. Also, it’s a matter of perspective. If you whine and complain, you’ll make yourself miserable…even more miserable than you might already be. So you just have to suck it up, know it’s temporary, and enjoy it while it lasts. Because sometimes I think I would give anything to have Caedmon quiet, contained, and clean again.

What I Miss: Nothing, really.

Cravings: Nothing in particular.

Best Moment This Past Week: Getting to spend some extra time doing fun things with Husband and Caedmon!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Strangely enough, just getting through the next week. After this next week, things should calm down a little as far as places we have to go, etc. I’m looking forward to being able to focus on our house and each other instead of going to the next thing!

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  1. I read your blogs and laugh out loud. You really need to consider putting together a book for moms. Something I always wanted to do but never did. So . . you do it! Blessings to you and Chris. Excited you are having a little girl!
    Kim Tucker

  2. Thanks, Kim! We miss you and Drew!

  3. Glad to read that things are going well. The dr. this week told me I was boring, but that he liked boring patients. I just told him I consider myself "blessed to be boring" at this stage in the game! haha :) Lana