Monday, February 07, 2011

That Of Which We Do Not Speak

We had Brandon and Jill over for the Super Bowl last night, and the guys made some pretty strange cheeseburgers. I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

But today I wanted to give you some more pictures. Pictures of “that of which we do not speak.” With more predicted to come on Tuesday/Wednesday (as in 6+ inches more), it looks like it will again mess up our plans to, you know, see other human beings or leave our house for another several days.

And I’m starting to get a little bitter about it.

Those of you who love to be off school or work due to this stuff need to trade. I’ll take your big kids that can dress themselves to go out in it, and can go out without your constant supervision. I’ll take your Redbox movies and schedule that’s suddenly been cleared of everything important. I’ll take your lazy days with nothing to do but sit by the fire and drink hot cocoa. Just for one day.

For one day, you take someone else’s little kid who is bored, who can’t get dressed to go out without help in under 15 minutes and can’t stand to stay out more than 13 seconds, who bounces off the walls, has no one to play with but you, who pesters the dog just to have something to do, and has an attention span too short for a commercial, much less an entire TV show.

Just for one day. Then we’ll see how you feel about being cooped up in the house for multiple days in a row.

I want to remember, though. I want to remember the fun the boy has when he does go out. I want to remember how excited he is about the white stuff. And I want to remember the beauty it brings. Right now the only way to do that is to not really talk about it.

Mint Chocolate Snow Cream – just for me! Nobody else in my house likes it. Isn’t that too bad?


Friday - more of that of which we do not speak.


Furniture rearranging in our room and creative gun holster.


Saturday morning – the final results.


SUNSHINE and warmer temperatures – all the way up in the 30’s!

Snow, Feb 2011





Taking boys to Walmart = coming home with a new dart gun.



Caedmon and I made a man out of that of which we do not speak.


And he threw some of it at me.


And tried to go down the slide.


With the sun shining so much on Saturday, many of the roads cleared nicely and we went to church on Sunday morning with no trouble. It was so nice to be out of the house for a while and talk to people. Face to face, not on the phone or Twitter (though without those things, I would be absolutely stark raving mad by now). Caedmon wanted to stay longer and was not ready to go when I picked him up. I guess we’re both feeling the effects of cabin fever.

Hopefully the weathermen (all four of them) are wrong and the large front supposed to come thru here in a few days will miss us, or even just lightly graze us. That’ll be the only way we can shake that fever this week.

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  1. Can I just say one big fat Ditto? Cause I ditto this. It's pretty to look at and I enjoy it since I didn't grow up around it but it is a whollllllle other thing when you've got little kids and you are trapped in your house like a zoo animal.