Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is always interesting at our house. We celebrate it, but we definitely don’t go all out or make a huge deal of it. We don’t completely skip it (it’s not Arbor Day, for crying out loud), but it’s not like it’s Christmas.

Every now and then we do something big, but not usually.

This year, my plans for Husband’s Valentine’s gift were almost thwarted. With our extra snow days and him at home during the day a lot, it was hard to work on a “secret” project. But we managed and here are a few pictures to prove it.

Valentine Portraits 2011-8

Valentine Portraits 2011-2

Valentine Portraits 2011-15

Valentine Portraits 2011-17

Valentine Portraits 2011-20

Valentine Portraits 2011-22

Valentine Portraits 2011-30

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  1. Love it! So cute! Your baby isn't a baby anymore. He looks like a little boy. So handsome.

  2. Super sweet pictures! Love the one with the note pinned to your adorable belly. Too cute!

  3. Awesome pictures! You are getting really good at using your camera! Hope your day has been special, but not too special. :-)

  4. You pics are precious and beautiful! I need you to teach me how to use my camera since we have the same one!