Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This Is How We Do It

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. To celebrate, the family gathered for dinner and harassed each other enjoyed each other’s company for the evening.

Husband and NLB discussed deep philosophical issues while they waited for dinner. Issues like why Husband believes he can read faster with his Kindle and how the heft of a book makes a difference in how you read.


And then NLB played with some extremely annoying game on Husband’s phone while Grade A and Cousin Q hung out at the table.


Caedmon, meanwhile, was outside…his favorite place at Cini & Papa Duke’s house. He talked Aunt Squirt into taking him to pet the horses and play on the swing set. Then he helped her get water for the horses in the far, far away pasture.


Love his outfit, don’t you? Be jealous. (Those are mosquito bites on his face. I promise.)


Apparently Squirt splashed him with water, so Caedmon ran around super fast to dry off.


Oz ran around like a maniac too…his favorite thing to do when we’re there.


Mom put Dad to work at the grill. Titan was hoping for a dropped piece of meat, but it didn’t happen.


And the rest of us prepared ourselves to eat while Cousin Q decided to try to learn to walk…on the kitchen table. (That’s what Curly is taking a picture of.) It’s cute now, but in a year or so walking on the kitchen table will probably get him a spanking. Soak it up, Q!


Here’s some evidence that Curly and Trump did try to get Q to walk on the floor, but it just wasn’t as fun.


I don’t have any more pictures because once the food was ready, I was too busy eating to care about documenting the evening’s activities. HLB came in as we were sitting down to eat and Caedmon was excited to see him. Caedmon always eats better when he’s sitting by HLB at the dinner table. At least I think that’s the way it works. Maybe HLB helps a little too much and I just don’t know about it.

NLB cared enough about Fidget’s absence to text her a photo of Mom’s plate – so she’d be sure to know what she was missing. I see something sneaky and mean in NLB’s future when Fidget comes home for Thanksgiving.

It’s a good thing we love each other, or getting everybody together could be more dangerous than it already is.

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  1. Love that table! And my MIL has that saying on her wall too!

  2. Angela, that table was actually the one my Dad used when he was a kid! When we finally outnumbered the chairs at our old table, we rescued and restored that one and have used it ever since.

  3. "Restored" is used very loosely. The bench legs were broken and your dad screwed some plywood onto the legs to support the bench. The plywood isn't stained or painted...just plywood. Other than some dusting - that is all that has been done to that table since it came from the furniture show room...40 years ago!

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