Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ah, The Weekend

Ah, the weekend. It was nice. Friday, Caedmon and I got out of our pajamas just in time to go for a playdate at Chick-fil-A. We had a great time hanging out with our friends and eating some chicken. Then it was home for naps.

I drug out my maternity wardrobe to see what I had. Caedmon was born at the end of the summer, so most of my clothes are warm weather clothes. I’ve stealthily picked up a few items here and there on clearance, so I really don’t need as much as I thought I would. Also, after feeling like I was about to bust out of my jeans on Thursday, I felt like I’d need my Bella Band very soon.

I actually cooked dinner. Which normally isn’t that big a deal, but I feel like I haven’t cooked in forever. We had Jenna’s Chicken Roll-Ups with green beans and The Pioneer Woman’s Apple Dumplings. I didn’t have Mt. Dew, so I used 7Up instead. I would love to tell you that they turned out horribly and my newly pregnant self did not, in fact, eat two of them (one after dinner with ice cream and one right before bed), but I really can’t say that. I’d really be in trouble if I followed the recipe.

Then, the boys went to a high school football game while I stayed home. I won’t lie. It was glorious. I cleaned up the house a bit, took a nice hot shower, and laid in the bed halfway watching The Bourne Ultimatum while randomly searching the internet. Caedmon had a blast at the football game. He loves football. He is his father’s son.

And then it was time for The Great Living Room Campout. Husband came up with the idea for he and Caedmon to sleep in the tent earlier in the week. We were going to set it up in Caedmon’s room, but he decided the living room would be better. I’d set up the tent in the living room for them before they got home.


Caedmon was excited. He got cleaned up and ready for bed. It was so past his bedtime. I was hoping he would lay down and pass out from exhaustion. But of course, that’s not what happened. He wiggled. And squirmed. And talked. Until both he and Husband were weary of the whole thing. Approximately 40 minutes after The Great Living Room Campout began, it ended. Caedmon decided he’d rather sleep in his bed. Husband didn’t object.

Saturday was a lazy day. My guys let me sleep late, then we watched cartoons and football. I had a queasy moment and went to lay down. I started feeling better and the next thing I knew it was an hour later. I guess I needed that little nap. Caedmon took a great nap while Husband and I watched some TV. The rest of the evening was pretty much the same – doing as little as possible. I loved it.

Sunday was church and the regular Sunday things. Caedmon refused to nap and Husband and I spent over 2 hours with constant trips back and forth to his bedroom. My favorite was when I walked in to find him playing with a toy, which he immediately dropped when he saw me. I said, “What are you doing?” His response was, “I’m not doing anything.” Yeah, right. Jedi Mind Tricks don’t work on Mommas. Nobody got any rest Sunday afternoon, which was not fun, but we survived.

With one car right now, my normal schedule is a bit awry, and I had to go get groceries. I am not a fan of the grocery store on Sunday night. It’s a madhouse and quite picked over. I much prefer my quiet, fully-stocked Monday morning shopping. But I digress.

We’d invited NLB over to play with Caedmon (actually, I begged him to come run some energy out of the boy), and he was able to come right after dinner while I went shopping. By the time I got home, everyone was worn out. I was loving it. Caedmon went to bed and actually went to sleep very quickly. Uncle NLB may be asked to come back again very soon. Maybe we can work out some sort of play-for-food payment plan.

So that was our weekend. Glamorous and exciting, wasn’t it? People Magazine has no idea what they’re missing.

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  1. Matt and the kids had an actual campout in the backyard a few years ago. They stayed all night. I told them they were crazy and slept snuggly in my bed... INSIDE the house. : )

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