Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Boy Room = Big Boy Rules

Caedmon’s room is coming along quite nicely. In fact, I think I have almost everything we need to make the switch. That doesn’t mean that everything is done or ready, but at least we have it. And Caedmon? To say he’s excited is a total understatement.

But this whole big boy bedroom is presenting some issues. And we’re not even there yet.

Husband and I are planning on sitting down to come up with some ground rules for the new bedtime routine. The only problem is that we aren’t really sure what to adjust quite yet. And Caedmon is so detailed (I don’t know where he gets it), we must explain the rules fully to him before we start this whole process.

And don’t think the boy won’t be trying to get out of his bed every 3.7 seconds or play all night with a totally awesome Buzz Lightyear tap light I got for his bedside table. (Shhh…it’s a surprise.)

So I need some help. Many of you have done this transition before. Tell me what I need to think about before we make the switch and help me find a solution to some of the things I’ve already begun to dread thought about!

1. What are your bedtime potty rules? Caedmon will get up 84 times to go potty each night if we let him. I want him to have the freedom to get up and go if he really needs to, but I don’t want him goofing off.

2. Caedmon is an early riser. He’s been waking up at 6:30 almost every morning lately. I make him stay in the bed until about 7:15, though. (This Momma is not a morning person.) He can’t tell time yet, so how do I “signal” him when it’s time to stay in the bed and when it’s ok to get up? (He thinks if there’s any daylight outside, he needs to be up. Nevermind that his window is completely blacked out.)

3. If he wakes up early (Ha! Refer to #2…more like “when”), I’m planning on having a few books/quiet things he can play with on his bedside table. Is that a crazy thought?

Please share! I want to hear all about the transition!

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  1. Several friends have had much success with this clock:

    It basically has two sections that tell the child if it's time to be awake or time to be asleep.

    My little guy is still in a crib, but whenever we transition, I think this investment will be well worth it!!

  2. Lay out the rules and FOLLOW them...these transitions are usually the hardest on the parents...if he see's that he can get away with the smallest thing then it's out the door with the rules. Also we found that placing a baby gate in the doorway worked well for early risers...that's one of the rules, that they may play quietly until the gate is removed. oh and as far as the potty thing, that is just a phase..he will grow out of that, unfortunately you gotta go with it or you'll tell him no once and he'll pee in the bed! Good Luck!

  3. Clearly, I have no children. :O)
    But I was wondering if you might use an alarm clock to let him know it's time to get up?
    That way he will know to play quietly in his room until the buzzer sounds.
    Just a thought.
    Sounds fun... and exhausting!