Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Giveaway Winner!

My Get Ready For Summer Giveaway has ended, and Mandy (chosen by will be receiving a spectacular green tote thanks to the folks at Mandy’s husband, Alex, won the Forgotten God giveaway a couple weeks ago, so I know Mandy will have something to tote around in that bag. Not to mention the stuff her two adorable kids would like for her to haul around for them.

Mandy, I expect a full report on that bag. I may just have to order one for myself!

For rules and conditions, see the original giveaway post and/or my site terms and disclosure.

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  1. THANK YOU! SO excited and can't wait till it comes...I'll be interested to see the exact color as it looks a shade of teal which would coordinate with my bathing suit quite nicely! :)

    I'll let ya know how it works, and if it can hold up to having to carry everything but the kitchen sink on our daily beach trips this summer! :)

  2. Just got it via UPS! It's pretty nice, and even has an attached wallet that you can stick down inside. It's the perfect size if you need something a little bigger than a purse (which I was actually wanting yesterday on our trip to the docs office with know to carry my stuff plus some entertaining things for the little man). I'm sure it will make a great beach bag too! Thanks again! So glad I got lucky!