Thursday, April 01, 2010

Can’t We Just Hit “Repeat”?

**Don’t forget…Photo Album Rejects is tomorrow, and there’s a Family Photo theme this time. (Actually, I’ll have the post up late tonight.) If you don’t have a family photo, you can still participate. Find out more about it here.**

I’m not going to lie. Yesterday was…great!

It was spectacular to have a warm, sunny day. I’m sure I will be tired of the warmth by the end of summer, but right now I say bring it on!

Caedmon and I went to the chiropractor, the park, cleaned out Husband’s car (Caedmon loved “driving” while I was vacuuming), baked brownies for our Bible Study, cleaned the bathrooms, readied the playroom/guest room for Nana and Poppy’s visit, and during Caedmon’s nap I stuffed eggs for his KDO Easter party and egg hunting on Sunday. I even got to work on his wall art for a little while.

And? The boy got to play outside. He was out before he even changed out of his pajamas, which isn’t really a new thing. But even after I made him take off his “pabrite bamas” he got to go out. Multiple times. And there might’ve been a little water left standing in a few toys from our last rain. He was in heaven.

I don’t know if it was the sunshine that made yesterday productive or the relief of knowing that the last three tough weeks are over and we’re moving on from sickness and surgery and stuff. Whatever it was, I’ll take another today, please.

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