Friday, March 26, 2010

That’s My Story And I’m Sticking To It

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the other day when I stated that I was ashamed at how dirty my kitchen floor was, yet not enough to actually clean it.

That’s because I don’t own a mop. Don’t tell Mimi (hi, Mimi!). Mops are gross and messy and I never feel like they are actually cleaning, just spreading the dirt from one place to another. So I usually just spot-clean or get down on my hands and knees with a couple of rags and a bottle of cleaner. Thankfully, my kitchen is not that big.

But I realized that the kitchen floor was indeed in need of some serious help. So I bought a steam cleaner dohickey (not the Shark one that I really want, but a cheaper version that was way more affordable) and used it on Tuesday to steam my kitchen tile. I was fairly pleased with how well it worked. Well, considering that the floor hasn’t actually been mopped in the five years we’ve lived in this house. It’s got some catching up to do.

So there I was the next morning, admiring my newly-cleaned kitchen floor. And then I was reminded why I don’t mop. 1) The dog has decided he is a huntin’ dog and after digging to chase a mole in the very muddy yard, brought himself and his mud-caked paws right into the house. We’re talking globs of mud falling off his feet. My Jack Russells never had muddy feet like that and they lived to dig. 2) Caedmon reached for my most favorite mug of all time (that still had some hot-though-cooled-down tea in it), and when I told him to put it back on the table, he didn’t quite make it. Thus, it and the rest of my tea ended up all over the floor. (He was a little freaked out, but fine. I don’t think he’ll be reaching for any more mugs for a while.)

And of course those things happened at almost exactly the same time. The reason I couldn’t keep Caedmon from grabbing the mug or grab the mug from Caedmon to keep it from falling off the table is because I had the dog pinned between my knees, trying to clean his muddy paws.

A Momma only has so many hands, ya’ll. And that day, there were not enough.

Did I mention Husband was home sick and in the bedroom trying to sleep off whatever plague had attacked him? It’s a good thing he’d left the TV on for noise, because it may have drowned out the craziness that was going on in the kitchen.

In all of this, I’ve decided two things. 1) I’m not going to clean the entire kitchen floor again for a while. 2) I’m going to buy a new favorite mug. It’s a quest that is not to be taken lightly. I’m sure you’ll get to hear all about it. Lucky you.

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  1. I just bought this last week and yes it is still in the box and still in my office lol

  2. My husband likes to mop (more than vacuum) so he does the mopping around here. I'm a blessed woman. We have a house that is half tile half wood, so mopping is a must. I am looking into a steam mop though. I've heard they are wonderful.

  3. Joel, that steam mop looks awesome. I just read a review that compares it and four others (including the Shark) and it won hands down. Angela, it might be the one for you! I'll definitely look into that one when I need to replace this one somewhere down the road.

  4. Your kitchen ALWAYS looks clean!

    My mom goes crazy cleaning her floors. She wears knee pads and get on her hands and knees and scrubs!
    I'll take the steamer over that!

  5. Sorry you have had sick boys--I know that can make a mommy crazy! Glad to hear that your steam cleaner is working well, and on the bright side, looks like it will get used frequently making it a pretty good investment for the thrifty! (c:

  6. urggg, I have the H2O steam moppy thing and I can't use it. It was great the first few times but then all it did was leak like crazy. Me, I have to get down there and wash my grubby floors by hand....and boy do I have floors. All downstairs is vinyl flooring....blahhhhh. I wish my hubby would get off his keister and scrub! I need a mop!!

  7. That shocks me. I would think you would be a freak mopper.

    I mop at least twice a week if not more. I replace my mop head very often so hopefully I only spread germs sometimes!