Monday, February 22, 2010

WEEKend Recap

I’m going to start this little recap with some stuff from last week that I didn’t on here. There’s only so much time to blog, and I feel that I must wedge it all in somehow or another.

Several days last week and most of the weekend brought decent weather and sunshine, something that’s been a bit scarce around here lately.

One day last week, Caedmon even played outside without a big coat. A hoodie sweatshirt, yes. But he almost didn’t wear that. It’s a sad day when the mercury hits 50 and you wonder if you kid really does need to wear a jacket. I did make him wear a hat, and he chose Husband’s Carhart hat. So he was bundled up, right?DSC09080Oh yeah, he was wearing pajamas. It seems that every time I declare it a pajama day, we end up outside playing in our pajamas. Nice. Especially since he wanted to play in the sand box. I had left a few plastic containers outside that had collected rain and then frozen. So I dumped out the giant ice blocks and he played with those, too. DSC09082 DSC09077 Needless to say, Caedmon ended up with a bath before naptime. And I was so determined to hold on to the whole pajama day thing that I put him in a clean pair of pajamas after his bath. I am nothing if not stubborn determined.

Thursday, Caedmon got to throw a few “bees” (frisbees) (or discs, if you’re a disc golf person) with Husband after KDO. He was in little boy heaven. I think he’s missed doing that with his Dad over the winter months.

Friday Husband played disc golf and had lunch with a friend. Caedmon and I went to Mimi’s to visit Uncle R and Aunt M who were in town visiting. And after nearly falling asleep on the way home, the boy proceeded to goof off in his bed for 2 hours before finally taking a nap. What has been up with him lately?

Friday night I worked on Caedmon’s wall art some more. I am taking progressive photos to show you the process, and I’ll post them all when I’m finished. Which may or may not be before Caedmon goes to Kindergarten. It’s sad – he knows that canvas is “his”, and declares it as such frequently when he sees it in the laundry room (where I store it when I’m not working on it). But I don’t know if he realizes that it really is his and should be hanging in his room sometime in the next month or 27. He’s going to flip when I actually finish it and hang it on his wall. If, you know, he hasn’t gone to college yet.

Saturday morning, I slept until 9am. Do you hear the angels singing? My guys are so great to let me sleep in on Saturdays. And even though I would like to have slept longer, I was greeted by a sweet little boy crawling up in bed beside me. He gently leaned over, put his face next to mine, and yelled, “Ho (hello), Momma! Toons!” The boy was excited about the Mickey Mouse marathon. Thank you, Disney.

Then we had two showers to attend, the second of which was a couples’ shower. It was fun, and Caedmon got to play with his friend Zachary. But he was really excited when Brody showed up with his Aunt Jill. Not excited enough to actually talk to Brody, but excited enough that when I was putting him to bed, Brody was all he could talk about.

Sunday, the sunshine went away. And today, the cold is back. Yay for grocery shopping in the freezing cold. I’m typically not one of those people who wishes for summer before spring hits, but today I say, give me some July!

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  1. I was so glad to see y'all there Saturday night. Brody loves Caedmon, I think he loves him to much when he tries to kiss and hug him! We are working on giving high fives and shaking hands instead!

    LOVE the pics of the little man playing in his pajamas, how fun!

  2. Thanks, Jill! I'm glad ya'll ended up bringing Brody. Caedmon asks to see his pictures online all the time!