Thursday, February 18, 2010

Perhaps I’m Not Aging As Gracefully As I Thought

Apparently I’ve gotten old and wasn’t quite aware to the extent I have aged. Sure I have to wear glasses to see anything, but that's been the case since 8th grade. I guess I was thinking that until I had to take my teeth out every night before bed, I 'd be good.

But perhaps not.

I remember thinking that 17 was such a cool age. I couldn’t wait to be 17. And then I was, and I loved it. After that, I guess it was all downhill for the age milestones. Except of course, for turning 18 and getting to vote in my first election. Because 21? It was not a par-tay birthday. I was a minister’s wife by that time, so we just laughed that I was “finally” allowed to legally procure alcohol, yet would probably never actually do so.

I had a hard time with 26. I moved up in the age bracket check-boxes. I’d been in the 18-25 for so long that moving to *gasp* 26-34 just about killed me. Because I was only 26, but someone might not know that since the check-box also included people who were in their 30’s. However, I didn’t freak out when I turned 30. I was ahead of schedule and had that moment when I turned 28, though I think I sort of started the year before.

And being 31 isn’t bad. It’s a little weird still to say I’m “in my 30’s,” especially since most of my friends who have kids Caedmon’s age are younger than I am. But I’m cool with it. I might as well be, since there’s not really anything I can do about it.

But really what disturbs me is that I continue to get AARP enrollments and Medicare information in the mail. And just the other day I received something from The Scooter Store telling me I may be eligible for a scooter a little or no cost to me.

Seriously? When the last AARP thing came in the mail I might or might not have been a bit hormonal, and ripped it into 872 pieces before throwing it in the trash. And the possibility of Medicare actually being in existence by the time I reach that age is somewhat iffy, so I would really appreciate it if the Medicare people who are already spending my money all willy-nilly would stop sending me enrollment forms a good 20-something years in advance.

But to the scooter people…I’m all about riding around on a scooter. And this would totally be me.

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  1. Girl I am right there with you, minus the AARP invitations. I haven't gotten those yet. Perhaps I have to turn 31 to get those.
    26 was a hard age for me, and 29 was harder. But I just turned 30 and I haven't really cared so much. But after ready your posts about aging I am stating to. Plus at this point in my pregnancy if I sit too long I get stuck, so when I stand up I have to wait for my body to wake up and let me walk. I feel and look like my grandma. It's really interesting when I get out of bed too.

  2. ok grammer check would be good, this sentence is:
    But after *reading your posts about aging I am *starting to.

  3. I wasn't having issues with recently turning 25 until I found out I check a different box next year. Thanks.

    I think you and Chris need matching scooter chairs.

  4. Hey, don't bring me into this! I never said anything about feeling old.


    What's that? Sorry need to turn my hearing aid up...