Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Know It’s Bad…

…when you resort to singing “Soft Kitty” to your child at bedtime because although you love it, you can only sing the Razorback Fight Song so many times in a row.

…when your child is so picky about the songs you sing, that regular things are unacceptable, yet “Soft Kitty” is asked for repeatedly.

…when your repertoire of lullaby songs is dwindling so much that you actually consider singing “Pants On the Ground.”


Yesterday morning, Caedmon and I were playing in his room and found his broken bah in his bed. (It had been left in there when he got up.) He (again) told me it was broken, and I took the opportunity to talk about how when things are broken and we can’t fix them, we throw them in the trash. I asked him if he wanted to throw his paci in the trash. “Uh-huh, otay,” was the response and he ran off to put it in the kitchen trash can.

At naptime, he asked for his bah and we talked about how he had been a big boy and thrown it away because it was broken. I handed him Curious George and put him down…and heard not a peep from him.

At bedtime, he asked for his bah again, and I reminded him what we had done that morning. He was ok with it, and as I was laying him in the bed, he said, “I a big boy.”

Yes he is.

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  1. YAY! I won't jinx you but sounds like you've made it thru to the other side!! :)

    You have inspired me....we begin this weekend...I'm not sure if I'm excited or totally dreading it.

  2. Good luck Mandy! Hopefully Ethan will decide he's a big boy too!

  3. congrats! to the Superchikk household! I'll be praying for Mandy now.

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by Tater Tales today. Good luck in the give-away!

    Our (nearly) 9-month-old loves his paci, so I know I'll be in your shoes one day! I just hope it goes smoothly!

    Take care!
    Tater Mama