Thursday, January 14, 2010

To-may-to, To-mah-to

Before Christmas when Husband and I were deciding what to get Caedmon, we began one of the most ridiculous discussions we’ve ever had.

And I say “began” because I’m not sure it will ever be “over.”

Husband and I saw this Lego commercial one night. We had tons of Legos when I was growing up, and that commercial brought back some great memories. Husband mentioned he’d like to get Caedmon some “Lay-goes” for Christmas. I didn’t think much of it, and continued on in the conversation, explaining that the little Legos were too small for Caedmon, that he’d have to have Duplos at this age and I’ve never been a huge fan of Duplos, although they have come a long way in recent years and I might could possibly tolerate them, especially since Caedmon plays with the ones at Mom & Dad’s. Husband said, “I think we should look at some Lay-goes.”

And I could ignore it no more. Lay-goes? Are you kidding? Everyone knows the proper pronunciation is “Leg-ohs.” This is the same man who chastises me for saying “car-mel” instead of “care-a-mel.” (Everybody knows if you’re in the south, it’s “car-mel,” just like every soft drink is “Coke” unless it’s not.)

Another thing we differ on is syrup. I've always said, "sir-up," which I believe to be true and proper. The other night, Husband was helping Caedmon with his French Toast, and told him to dip it in his "seer-ip." Sigh.

The point is, I recognize that there is a worldwide controversy regarding the pronunciation of “caramel,” and possibly even "syrup." But I have never before heard anyone have trouble with “Lego.” I mean, come on. There’s not even a weird spelling rule or a silent “e” to throw things off. It’s a plain little word. Lego. How hard is that?

Also, it’s important to note that Husband does not say, “Lay-go my Eggo.” No, he says, “leggo” in that instance, so I know it’s possible. And also proper.

I embrace our differences. Nevertheless, it’s a controversy that I believe will life on in infamy. I know ya’ll have them too, and I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Lay-go if you're from the South and Leg-o if you're from the North.

    Husband and proud Southerner

  2. Laigo. This from an avid Laigo fan and collector and authority on all things "toy". (It's my job)

  3. I think that perhaps both of ya'll need to get you some Hooked on Phonics.

  4. So sorry, Husband and so called proud Sotherner, but this other true, proud Southerner says you're wrong on all counts.

    It's LEG-os,
    and SIR-up.


  5. I'm glad to know there's someone on my side. :) Thanks, Jill

  6. We had a friend come to the house that couldn't pronounce Ramen correctly. She insists it is
    RAY-man. Who ever heard of
    RAY-man noodles?
    RAH-men is the only acceptable pronunciation.

    As to the other discussions of pronunciation...I have to agree with Superchikk on all pronunciations...since she sounds just like her Moma. LOL

  7. Leg-os
    Melissa wins.

    The word London
    As always, I win.

    The state Colorado
    My mom-Colo-rod-o
    My day-Colo-rad-o
    Mom wins.

  8. My other half always says "shar" instead of "shower" and "toolet" instead of "toilet"

    Drives. Me. NUTS!

    And just for the tally books, I agree with Melissa on all points.

    I also agree about the pronunciation of Ramen.