Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: When Your Christmas Tree Is Too Big

I have a love/hate relationship with our Christmas tree. (Yes, it’s fake.) I love it because it’s full and pretty and husband and I got it for a great price (the only time I’ve ever shopped on Black Friday!). I hate it because it’s so fat at the bottom that it could seriously take up the entire living room.

In other words, I feel like Clark W. Griswold trying to fit it into my living room.

Several years ago, I came up with the perfect solution. (The free one, not the one where I go out and buy a new tree.)

When we’re putting the branches on, I place the tree up next to the wall, and leave the back branches off. As we work our way up, the branches get shorter and we’re able to start putting them on all the way around. It’s only the bottom three rows that don’t go all the way around.DSC07283Because there’s a doorway on one side of the tree and furniture on the other, it’s really not very noticeable. If your living room is like mine, there’s never going to be a large, open space for the tree.

Putting up most of my Christmas tree works for me! For more Works-For-Me-Wednesday, head on over to We Are THAT Family.

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