Friday, December 18, 2009

Seeing Stars

Last night we took Caedmon down to the Square to see the Christmas lights.

He was particularly enamored with them because of the Curious George episode he’s been watching where George counts stars. So to him, they were all “tars” or “yites.”

To say he was busy would be an understatement. With the combination of the low light/flash issue and a moving boy, we didn’t get many good photos.

My attempt at a family self-portrait: FAIL. Ha! Sorry, Husband!DSC07373 And the rest weren’t much better.DSC07359DSC07347DSC07319DSC07314

**Revised to add: Yes, I am aware that my son is in public wearing Crocs along with a winter coat. There are just some things that aren't worth a fight.** Pin It


  1. It looks like a certain grandparent of ours took that first picture!

  2. Let me just go ahead and say that there's nothing wrong with wearing Crocs in the winter, as long as there are socks as well. Just like, as I'm sure I may someday find out, there's nothing wrong with boys wearing cowboy boots with shorts in the summer. Blackmail, my friend. Black.Mail!

  3. Curly, I thought the same thing.

    Jill, we've already done the boots with shorts thing, so I guess we're covering all our bases!

  4. We are going to see the tars and yites at the square tonight!

    At least Caedmon will wear shoes. We have a daily fight keeping our shoes on. :) Was he the same way?

  5. Jennifer, I thought about calling you guys to see if you wanted to go too, but it was pretty last-minute.

    As for the shoes, he takes them off in the car a lot. Sometimes I would wait until we got to church to put them on so I didn't have to put them on twice! But when I started letting him choose his shoes (I'd pick two pair and let him choose between them), he thought that was awesome and wears them much better when he gets to choose.