Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Know, So I Can Be Completely Sick Of It By The Time Christmas Gets Here

I have decided to put my Christmas decor up this week.

Yeah, I know. It’s a bit early.

Apparently not too early for our neighborhood “Griswolds,” who already have their house blazing brightly, including a candy cane fence lining the driveway and sidewalk.

We usually wait until Thanksgiving weekend, but due to what I know will be a crazy week, I’m predicting that I will have neither the energy nor willpower needed to get it all done. Therefore, I am doing it beforehand.

So, since the rest of my week will involve dragging things down from the attic, moving regular stuff to put up Christmas stuff, teaching a boy he may not climb the Christmas tree, convincing the dog it’s not to be chewed on, and dragging things back up to the attic, I probably won’t be around much.

But I would love to know some of your Christmas traditions. I know we recently talked about family traditions, but this is different. This is Christmas. We have a few, but I am always looking for something fun to add.

My Mom started one years ago with my siblings and me that she still does, and we have begun with Caedmon. We buy him a new Christmas ornament each year. It’s specific to what he’s interested in at that time, or something that represents something important to him. I already bought his for this year, probably the earliest yet! (He got the Mickey Mouse ornament because apparently Hallmark didn’t see fit to make a Curious George ornament this year, and the only ones I could find online were “collectors items,” which we all know is just fancy talk for “expensive.”)

So come on! Share some of those Christmas traditions!

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  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    My mom has been doing the ornament thing since I was born. Except each year she buys a new Santa ornament. So there will be 31 Santa ornaments this year. There's so many they have their own tree now.


  2. We do the ornament thing too. In fact just the other day my 3 kids got to open up their ornaments before hanging them on our Memory Tree. (We have 2 trees) B/c of my husband we put our decor up earlier than Thanksgiving weekend.

    Other traditions include.... driving around and looking at Christmas lights on or very near Christmas Eve.

    We make the same sugar cookies every year (the same ones my mom made and her mom made etc.)I even have my grandma's cookie cutters. :)

    In the month of December I like to treat my kids to "Christmas Cocoa".

    I always read the real Santa story to my kids every year.

    I could probably go on and on--we love Christmas!!!!!!

  3. My Mom has taken the task of making our stockings. I think it goes back two more generations. Anyway, she has made us all newer stockings (since some were quiet old now) and also made new ones for all the new family members. This year we add two more stockings. :-) They have our names on them, and she cuts out and sews felt figures on them. Some are quiet fancy like Christmas trees with bead ornaments. They all have things we like and then holiday things too. It's so neat to see them each year.
    We also have the tradition to eat chicken tetrezzini for Christmas dinner. YUM!!!
    Aaron's family has NBC gifts, they are always Christmas pj's. We've started doing that with our kids too. (Night Before Christmas gifts)

  4. We always open new pj's on Christmas Eve. We also started giving our "Jesus gift" when the kids were toddlers...that's my favorite tradition. We have a royal purple stocking for Jesus as well. We have small slips of paper on the mantel so that each person can write what they are "giving" to Him and put it in the stocking. It could be more time, money, giving up a selfish attitude, being more obedient, etc.